Local business

In March 2017, the council for local business in Herent organised the first ever Local Entrepreneurship Day, 'Herentse Ondernemersdag'.

Several local businesses had special promotions, organised workshops and held seminars. And it all ended with a fashion show in the Marquee nightclub, in Herent, with Tomorrowland DJ Dave Lambert!

Participating entrepreneurs included Close To Your Body, Optiek De Groeve, Axent, Skin Affair, with freshly-made mocktails served at The Bootlegger Bar by Retroworld.

The whole event was co-organised by B-Eventic, with social media domination by B-Magnetic!



Klara, eerste communie

Deze mooie meisje heeft dit jaar haar eerste communie gevierd en, net zoals bij grote zus mocht ik erbij zijn om het te documenteren. Deze slideshow toont wat er die dag is gebeurd. (Best gespeeld met geluid en in full-screen.)

De locatie voor de fun was de Boerderij Jos Theys, in Kortrijk-Dutsel.

Tim & Larisa

This wedding reception and dinner, held at the Brasserie Canal in Vilvoorde, was a celebration of Russian and Belgian solidarity, the coming together of two families from different parts of the world and different cultures.

birthday time

One of my sons had one of his birthday parties at the weekend.

With a photographer-dad, of course there was a camera involved! And the kids made their own photo frames to put these photos in.