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Wall art

Artwork for your home

Wall art for your home

When you look for a photographer, what do you hope to get from your photo session? Do you want to receive a set of images on a USB stick, a thing that might not be readable in a few years? You'll probably take it home, look through the photos, and then..... put the stick in a draw. Forever. 

Or do you want to be reminded for years to come about the fun you had? Or to look every day at how your son/daughter/husband/wife/father/mother/... looked? Family is important, memories and experiences are important.

I believe the best way to appreciate your photos, to value your memories, is the way it used to be - as prints. They need to be seen, they need to be on your wall - somewhere you and others can enjoy them every day, where they add something to the space they're in. A beautiful canvas, eye-catching aluminium print, or a framed print can add a great gallery look to your room.

Do those images you committed time, effort and money to for a professional photographer really deserve to be hidden away as digital files on a computer, or in a draw?

Here's are some ideas of what your home could look like...


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