Which is your best side?

We all want to look good in our profile photo, on our Linkedin and other social media channels. When you see yourself looking great, it gives you a confidence boost. And everyone deserves that. That’s why I believe it’s important to take the time during a photoshoot to find your best side, your best look.

Everyone has a best side. Some people know which it is, but I best most of us don’t. Looking at the shots below, I’d say mine is my left side.

Why is this important? It’s all about making a connection with people, to gain trust, to build relationships. People do business with people, so you just need to be yourself. Maybe you don’t find it that easy to be yourself when there’s a camera pointed at you. Well, I see it as my job to help with that. To get you to a place where you feel comfortable in front of the camera. To get that remarkable shot that will make you stand out and get you noticed.

So why not get in touch for a headshot shoot? Let’s find your best side…