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When people look you up on Google, or find your profile on Linkedin, what’s the first thing they see? It’s your headshot.

And what do you want to them think and feel when they see your face? “Here’s someone confident, approachable, genuine, someone I want to find out more about, someone I want to do business with, invite for a job interview….”? Or “Nice smartphone selfie”?

Your headshot needs to encourage people to get in touch with you and start to build relationships.

A strong headshot is a game changer for marketing your personal and your professional brand, your business - YOU - to potential employers, partners, clients, colleagues, agents. It makes you stand out from the crowd.

Where can you use it? Your social media profiles, Linkedin, your website, your blog, presentations, speaking events, an awards ceremony, marketing material, interviews and news articles...

A picture may be worth a thousand words; your headshot could be worth money, attracting attention and generating clicks.

So don’t have one of those Linkedin profiles that has a smartphone selfie (yes, we can see your arm holding the phone); or an old university photo; or worse, that grey square with no photo.

A headshot, a professional portrait, should let your personality shine through and show people who you are. Shouldn't it be doing your marketing for you all day long?


Session Info

I think everyone deserves to have a picture that makes them look great. If we look great, we feel more confident. To make sure we get the best pictures that represent you and the image you want to put out in to the world, I want to get you feeling comfortable in front of the camera. You probably won’t at first - hey, who does?! (“I’m not photogenic”, “I don’t like having my picture taken”). But we’ll take the time to get there. I use some celebrity posing tricks and concentrate on your facial expression, your body position and finding your best side (we’ve all got one).

To make it easier to get the result you want and to help you feel more comfortable, we’ll look at the images during the shoot to see how we’re doing. I want you to come away with photos that show you looking confident, comfortable and genuine. So that all-important first impression really will count.

It was the first time that a photographer coached me about how to stand, how to look - a real added value!
— Satisfied headshot client

Session Types & Rates

I offer three different session types for individuals, all designed to give you the professional, powerful headshots you need to help you connect with your audience.

Headshot Plus


  • Pre-shoot consultation to get to the core of your needs

  • 1 professionally retouched headshot

  • 1 Linkedin banner image

  • Outfit changes

  • Image review & selection during shoot

  • Coaching & direction

  • Online gallery of all photos

Headshot Pro


  • Pre-shoot consultation to get to the core of your needs

  • 1 professionally retouched headshot

  • 1 business portrait

  • 1 environmental portrait

  • Outfit changes

  • Image review & selection during shoot

  • Coaching & direction

  • Online gallery of all photos

Headshot Essential


  • Pre-shoot consultation to get to the core of your needs

  • 1 professionally retouched headshot

  • 1 outfit

  • Image review & selection during shoot

  • Coaching & direction

  • Online gallery of all photos

All sessions include coaching and direction and reviewing your photos as we go. You’ll also get a link to an online gallery, so you can choose the images you want. No licensing restrictions apply, so you get unlimited usage possibilities. Additional retouched images are €65 each.

Pricing excl. 21% VAT

Questions, questions…

Headshot, business portrait or environmental portrait?

Wondering what the difference is between these types of photos?

A headshot is exactly what it sounds like: a photograph of your head and shoulders, sometimes lower. Think Linkedin profile photo.

A business portrait shows more of you. A photo of your head and upper body, even a full length shot.

Environmental portraits show you in your working environment. For example, a corporate manager in his/her office, a carpenter in the workshop, a fitness instructor working out on their rowing machine.

How should I prepare for my photoshoot?

Arrive for the session camera-ready, so we can dive right in to it. Wear clothes you feel comfortable in and that suit the image you're after. Steer clear of crazy patterns and logos - we want people to look at your face, not your shirt.  

Ladies, I recommend you come make-up ready (I don’t currently work with a makeup artist, or stylist). Gents, no need for you to wear make-up. 

I want to show your personality in the photos, so have a think about who will see your headshot, what message you want the pictures to tell, whether you like the image your clients/colleagues/associates currently have of you...

Do you also shoot team & business sessions?

Absolutely. As well as individuals, I can also shoot high quality portraits for business/commercial bookings, or for your team. Go ahead and ask me for a customised offer using the form below.

Do you shoot on-location?

Definitely! I’ll come to your home, office or outside location and setup my mobile studio there. Convenient for you and a place where you’re already comfortable.

Selection & delivery of your images

We can choose your final, preferred shots either on the spot - I offer advice on this during the session - or afterwards via an online gallery. I’ll send you a gallery link with all the photos from the session. None of them will be edited/retouched, but don’t worry about that; just focus on your pose, your expression, the first impression you want to give to the world. Choose the pictures you prefer then we’ll select the final ones that I’ll fully retouch. You can always decide to add more images to your package.


Booking or Enquiry?

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